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Key Facts about Geilo, Norway


Geilo is Located in the Hol municipality of Norway and is around 240km from Oslo. Geilo is a national park village and is used as a gateway to the Hardangervidda & Hallingskarvet National Parks. For more information on the location of Geilo and how to get there see our getting to Geilo page.


There is a very good selection of accommodation available all year round in Geilo. There is plenty of hotel accommodation available close to the centre of the resort as well as a selection of self-catering apartments and guest houses. To see a list of Hotel and apartment accommodation options in Geilo see our Geilo Hotels page.


The currency in Norway is the Norwegian krone (NOK). The denominations of notes are: 50 kr, 100 kr, 200 kr, 500 kr, 1000 kr.

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The nightlife in Geilo is varied and offers something for everyone that stays there, from those looking for bars with dance floors and pool tables to people who prefer a more sophisticated establishment such as a wine bar or even some live music options. There are also a good range of restaurants and eateries around the resort catering for all levels of tourists budgets.


The emergency number in Norway is 113. Emergency in patient hospital care in Norway is free of charge. However prescriptions and Doctors appointments are chargeable. The standard of care available in Norway is very good and healthcare is available to Norwegian citizens as state funded or private. It is important to ensure that you have adequate travel or medical insurance to cover you for any unexpected medical costs that you may incur during your stay in Norway.